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double half lord of the fishes pose8th Element Yoga is a collection of many creative yoga offerings by Kimberlee Jensen Stedl and her lovely assistant Todd Stedl.

Kimberlee is teacher currently located in Montreal, offering classes and numerous workshops. She also leads retreats in the Caribbean. Teachings include: Shake Rattle & Pose®: Yoga Dance Fusion, Punk Rock Yoga®, Yoga for Scuba Divers, Yoga for Bicyclists, Partner Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, and more.

As an ACE and AFAA Continuing Education Provider, Kimberlee also offers teacher training workshops for both yoga dance fusion and partner yoga. In addition, Kimberlee and Todd have co-authored two yoga books: Yoga for Scuba Divers and Yoga with a Friend.

About The Name: In chemistry, the 8th element is oxygen, which is vital for our every function. Our motto is "Just keep breathing." In the royal path of yoga, the 8th element is liberation or samadhi. Our goal both personally and as instructors, is find that small bit of liberation and joy in every breath. Finally, the name emphasizes a vital resource, and serves as our message that yogis who consider themselves enlightened should be role models of environmental conversation to help be the change the world really needs right now.

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