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Prenatal Yoga Classes

Kimberlee in cobbler's 9 months pregnantClasses:

There are no classes scheduled at this time. If you are interested, please join the mailing list or contact DoYoga@8thElementYoga.com.

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What to do prior to class:

Please speak with your physician or midwife before attending class. We do not require a clearance form, but we do require that you speak with your prenatal caregiver prior to attending your first class. Every woman and every pregnancy is different, so please let the instructor know if your caregiver gave you special instructions as to positions or movements to avoid.

What you will gain from the experience:

In this class series, you will learn various poses and relaxation techniques that can help you through your pregnancy. Here's some of the benefits:

  • Learn calming, restorative breathing exercises
  • Enjoy soothing meditation to relax and unwind
  • Improve your balance and stability
  • Build core strength to help support your back and prepare your body for carrying a baby
  • Strengthen your legs and hips to help support the weight of you and your growing baby
  • Strengthen the upper body to prepare for carrying your baby around
  • Bring balance into your body by working on postural strength
  • Maintain your flexibility to help prevent injuries
  • Learn relaxing stretches you can do to unwind
  • Learn to breathe calmly and steadily during physical exertion
  • Share the experience with other women going through the same changes

Kimberlee pregnant Warrior 2What makes prenatal yoga unique:

There is no such thing as a typical yoga class, as styles can vary quite significantly. However, prenatal is different from other forms of yoga because of the unique safety concerns and respect for this sacred time for women.

The things we avoid are: full inversions, deep backbends, breath retention, anything lying on our bellies, lying on our backs, deep twists, anything that compresses the abdomen, and any jumping or jarring movements.

The things we include are: Kegel exercises and strengtheners for the pelvic floor, strengtheners for the legs and hips, strengtheners for the postural muscles, hip stretches, cramp and tension-relieving stretches, relaxation techniques including deep breathing, partner poses for fun and support, supported poses to assist with balance, and visualizations to encourage a peaceful meditative state.

Our focus in prenatal class changes from being a focus on ourselves and our own bodies to being a shared focus on both ourselves and on our babies. It’s a different approach to intention-setting in class.

The other unique thing about being in a prenatal class as opposed to a general yoga class is that you will be among your peers. It’s reassuring to have community with other expecting mothers. The support and empathy can provide great comfort during this time of many changes.

What to wear:

Please wear comfortable non-binding clothing. Workout clothes with plenty of stretch are great - no belts please.

What to bring:

Please bring a hydrating beverage. Mats and all other props are provided.

About your instructor:

Please see Kimberlee's bio for more information about her teaching background. In addition to standard yoga teacher training, Kimberlee has been formally trained in teaching pre and post natal yoga.


Please contact Kimberlee at DoYoga@8thElementYoga.com .

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