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dance side plankYoga comes to life with this energetic fusion of flowing Hatha yoga and dance. Using moves from martial arts, belly dance, African dance, and modern dance, we dance our way into and out of yoga poses in this playful lively class. You get cardiovascular benefits plus strength and flexibility while exploring your own unique creativity.

Dance movements are both strong and soft, yang and yin, for a balanced mind body workout. Choreography is simple – we emphasize movement, not memorization. No prior dance experience necessary but some prior yoga experience is helpful, as this is a dynamic and challenging mind body movement class.

Just when you thought you knew yoga, you discover a whole new way to experience it.

Why yogis should take this class: Freeform spontaneous dance is the natural progression of yoga, according some yoga lineages. In this class we have a mix of structured time and freeform time which enables you to catch a glimpse of liberation. When we're moving freely, all the movements stemming from a seat of joy, disregarding comparisons to others or perfection of movement, it opens a window to liberation. Also, because we dance to warm the body and prepare the muscles for a pose, we can often get deeper into poses. Because we dance our way into balance poses,we can trick ourselves into challenging poses we might normally dread. The combination of dancing, a training method used by athletic trainers, further strengthens our balance.

Why dancers should take this class: While performance dance is beautiful and powerful in its own right, dancers can sometimes focus so rigorously on choreography and perfection, that they sometimes forget the joy of moving and feeling the movement deep from within. In this class, we move to work our way into poses, we move to express and we move just to move sometimes. It helps dancers remember their joy of movement and music. Because we use movements from a variety of styles we move in a variety of ways: strong, slinky, choppy, fast, slow, wild, controlled. It challenges dancers to move in ways outside of their normal realm, which helps make them stronger dancers all around. Finally, because we often dance while holding balancing poses, dancers sharpen their balance and learn how to move while holding intricate stances.

Classes and Workshops

Kimberlee is planning some special classes and workshops in Brooklyn. Stay tuned.

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ACE and AFAA Approved Continuing Education: Shake Rattle & Pose: Create Your Own Class has been approved for ACE and AFAA continuing education credits. She will be offering Shake Rattle & Pose as an eight-hour practical continuing education workshop for yoga and fitness teachers to add some of this creativity into their classes. Contact Kimberlee at DoYoga@8thElementYoga.com if you want her to present this workshop at your facility.

Certified Teachers: The following teachers are certified in Shake Rattle & Pose:

Retreat planning: Kimberlee is considering offering a Shake Rattle & Pose Yoga Dance Fusion retreat in 2009. If you are interested, please help out by indicating yourpreferences in this quick survey. Thank you.

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