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Teacher Training Workshop
Shake Rattle & Pose® Yoga Dance Fusion: Create Your Own Class
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dance side plankYoga comes to life with this energetic fusion of flowing Hatha yoga and dance. Using moves from martial arts, belly dance, African dance, and modern dance, we dance our way into and out of yoga poses in this playful lively class. You get cardiovascular benefits plus strength and flexibility while exploring your own unique creativity.

Teacher Training Description: Invigorate your classes with this creative fusion of yoga and dance: cardiovascular, strength and flexibility in one class. Learn moves from international dance forms to dance your way in and out of numerous yoga poses. See more about this class including video clips.

Training Format: Shake Rattle & Pose: Create Your Own Class is now available as an 8-hour teacher training workshop, worth 6.75 AFAA credits and .8 ACE credits. The 8-hour teaches numerous movement styles teachers can use to develop their own class. Choreography drills, game creation, background on movement styles, and other teacher development tools are offered in this program.

Teacher Training Objectives:

  1. Students will better understand the muscles and joints involved with more than 25 yoga poses by developing dynamic preparatory movements for each pose
  2. Students will learn creative ways to incorporate new movement flows into their traditional yoga classes and how to develop a dynamic and creative warm-up and cool-down routines for their traditional group fitness classes
  3. Students will learn choreography skills to develop their own well-balanced total body fitness yoga dance fusion class
  4. Students will learn the origins of various dance forms and resources to explore those more in depth
  5. Students will improve their cueing and choreography skills through group work and peer reviews

What you get: This workshop includes great handouts on all of the dance and pose modules we cover, including origins and lineage of the dance forms, and modifications/contraindications for the various poses. You will learn more than 30 modules you can use to incorporate into your own yoga/dance fusion class. The workshop also covers choreography, creating games and play, a background on the various movement styles used, and team-teaching and peer-review opportunities. This workshop prepares existing teachers to teach a yoga dance fusion class. In addition, we videotape the practical class portion of each workshop and will mail you a DVD of the class for your own personal review. Finally, we are offering an additional certification option, certifying people in Shake Rattle & Pose.

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Continuing education credits and certifications: This workshop is worth:

  • .8 ACE Continuing Education Credits
  • 6.5 AFAA Continuing Education Credits

Certification option:
A certification option is available for existing registered yoga teachers or fitness teachers certified through ACE or AFAA. Certification involves submitting a written exam and a demonstration DVD by mail after the class has completed. The certification processing fee is $25 and you will be listed as a certified teacher on 8th Element Yoga. A separate licensing fee to call your class Shake Rattle & Pose is also available to certified teachers.

Workshop audience: This workshop is great for current yoga teachers, however, it's wonderful for yoga practitioners and dancers to also expand their horizons. The certification option is only available to either yoga teachers registered with the Yoga Alliance, or group fitness instructors certified by ACE, AFAA or NCSM, however the workshop is open to all.

Workshop policy: If you register for a workshop and find out that you cannot attend yourself, you are welcome to sell your spot to someone else. Just let us know by E-mail or phone 48-hours in advance of the workshop who will be your replacement and we will honor your registration for them.

Note that Shake Rattle & Pose is a registered trademark, this workshop teaches you the fundamentals so you can utilize this creativity in your own classes. If you wish you to call your class Shake Rattle & Pose, you must complete the certification policy and license agreement.

Just when you thought you knew yoga, you discover a whole new way to experience it.

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